Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan

In a recent interview with the Rural Radio Network, Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan, and spokesperson for The Hand That Feeds U.S., Phillip Hayes, discuss the importance behind our new partnership, seeking to bridge the gap between rural and urban America.

Harvest Series: Now Featuring Corn

Minnesota corn grower Andy Quinn takes a minute to talk about this year's corn harvest in Litchfield, MN.

Harvest Series: Now Featuring Peanuts

Peanut grower Gary Jackson takes a mintue to talk with Randy Koenen about this year's peanut harvest in Seminole, Texas.

Harvest Series: Now Featuring Cotton

Cotton farmer Shawn Holladay talks to Southeast Ag Network's Gary Cooper about the annual cotton harvest. While Holladay considers the harvest one of his favorite times of the year, he admits that it's never easy. Hit by consecutive hail storms after already facing a tough year, Holladay talks about how he keeps his cotton business running amidst the various challenges. And his secret to surviving the West Texas weather? An optimistic attitude, and a little prayer.

Harvest Series: Now Featuring Sugarbeets

"Weather in the Red River Valley of Minn. and N.D. is notoriously unpredictable and unforgiving. Farmers have a brief three-week window in October to harvest sugarbeets. Start too soon and warm temperatures will rot the beets. Wait too long and the brutal winter will set in, freezing beets into the ground. Mike Hergert catches up with Valley grower Bill Hejl during 24/7 harvest season to discuss the stress and joy of it all."

Harvest Series: Now Featuring Wheat

Wheat farmer Erik Younggren talks about this year's harvest and those before it in Northern Minnesota.

Farmer Pat Benedict - Back to the Future

Since Pat Benedict appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in 1978, a lot has changed in agriculture. The profits are still low, the pressures are still high, but farmers have come under fire from a handful of well-heeled political opponents. Reporter Mike Hergert catches up with the former cover model.

Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida

The Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida—a driving force in the U.S. Sugar industry today—came from a humble beginning, literally sprouting from the hard work of a few farmers. This is the story of that cooperative, and the standards of pride, tenacity, guts, family and community of those who built it. Gary Cooper reports.

Noel Shapiro’s Story

Noel Shapiro, a Florida sugar and citrus grower, is the most American person you’ll meet. Ironically, the Shapiro sense of Americanism was forged by ruthless dictators, and today he helps protect America’s security by putting homegrown food on the table. Reporter Gary Cooper has his story.

Interview with Terry Wanzek

An elected official, Terry Wanzek is well known and well liked around North Dakota. In fact, the state senator and farmer from Jamestown has represented the people of the 29th district since 1995—except for one interrupted term in 2005. He tells reporter Don Wick, what happened in 2005.

Interview with farmer and spokeswoman Linda Raun

Linda Raun, a rice farmer and spokeswoman for The Hand that Feeds U.S., talks to the TX Farm Bureau about the project and the recent media tour in New York City.

Combest Commentary

An introduction to The Hand that Feeds U.S. with Former House Ag Committee Chairman Larry Combest.

Talking with farmer Barry Evans

Texas cotton producer Barry Evans discusses the common misperception that full-time farmers are large agribusinesses. Evans says that besides himself, his 2,000-acre agribusiness consists of his wife, son, and one employee. “I don’t know how you can get much more family farm than that,” he explains. Story by Gary Cooper with Southeast AgNet Radio Network

Combest Discusses Launch with AgWired

Former House Ag Committee Chairman Larry Combest discusses launching The Hand that Feeds U.S. with long-time ag reporter Chuck Zimmerman for his publication AgWired on Monday. (note: discussion starts about 2 minutes into the podcast)

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