The Midwest can replace the Middle East in energy production with the right investments. Best of all, this transformation can help lift our country out of difficult times. But none of this will be possible without a vibrant agricultural sector.

Ethanol and Food Security - Getting Past The Anti-Ethanol Rants
Last week the National Journal headlined, "BIG OIL TAKES GLOVES OFF IN ETHANOL FIGHT." The argument is this: The cost of producing ethanol from corn is food insecurity. Playing into their argument this year is the terrible drought that was and is smothering many parts of the U.S.—including the heart of our corn producing lands. It is in fact this drought, which has persisted in many regions for more than two years, that has spurred corn prices to current heights.
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Tensions with Iran are a reminder that we must break our addiction to foreign oil
Our nation needs no greater reminder of the hidden costs of our national addiction to foreign oil then the fundamentalist government of Iran threatening to choke off oil shipping through the Strait of Hormuz. Those threats demonstrate why oil companies are so resistant to allow competitors, like ethanol, from ever reaching the market in enough volume to actually make a difference in prices. Future contracts for oil went up virtually every month of 2012 – an enormous profit for oil companies – with the word of Teheran naval maneuvers in the Strait.
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Fueling America
We've been hearing the warnings for years now: America is dependent on foreign oil; America pumps $300 billion each year into the economies of hostile governments; the future of this country and our nation's security hinges on our ability to support ourselves and supply our own food and fuel.
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Getting Blamed for Record Exports
Earlier this month, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that U.S. farm exports reached an all-time high of $116 billion in 2010. "Export sales surged…in bulk commodities, which increased 19 percent to $47.2 billion," he noted.
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Working From Home: Energy Production Becomes a Domestic Business
When you hear the word homegrown, what comes to mind? Probably fresh vegetables from your own garden, or the Christmas tree that you got from the farm just down the road. No matter what it's referring to, homegrown is associated with a certain expectation. And when it comes to fuel, ethanol is the gold standard.
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Harvesting Sweet Energy
Look closely at the pellet in this man's hand. It is a symbol of a fascinating piece of new farming technology. Or as Neville Dolan jokes..."It's actually good for bbq. We have a bbq every day."
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ILUC for Dummies
Imagine that you legally park your car on a city street. When you return, a stack of traffic citations rests on the windshield. Your tires are in the lines; the meter shows time remaining. You've been fined because other parked drivers throughout the city might not have parked illegally if you weren't occupying that space.
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The End-All, Be-All Defense of Ethanol
By: Andy Quinn, Bushmills Ethanol
One by one, every challenge against ethanol—produced from one of America's most plentiful, green renewable energy sources—has fallen flat in the face of facts.
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On with the Wind
By: Denise Bode, American Wind Energy Association
Windmills are nothing new to the farming community, and today's modern wind turbines are becoming familiar as well, especially on farms within the wind corridor that runs through the country's midsection.
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