Letter to the Editor
Negative editorials that tear down the 125,000 men and women who produce 75% of the nation’s food and clothing have become almost commonplace in some of the country’s biggest newspapers. Even worse, responses from the farming community to these attacks are rarely printed—until now. This section of the site will house the numerous unpublished letters to the editor.

Cotton Producers Take Exception to One-Sided CQ Weekly Story
(Submitted September 2010 to CQ Weekly)

Cotton Farmers Take on Washington Post Attacks
(Submitted June 3, 2010 to the Washington Post)

Agriculture Committee has achieved balance in funding
(Submitted April 1, 2010 to the San Francisco Chronicle)

Federal Farm Policy Continues to Face Cuts
(Submitted March 25, 2010 to The New York Times)

Readers Have the Right to Know the Truth About Agriculture
(Submitted February 3, 2010 to The Washington Post)

Ironing out the Argument for Indirect Land Use Change
(Submitted August 14, 2009 to the St. Paul Pioneer Press)

Ignoring the Imbalance in Trade Negotiations
(Submitted July 29, 2009 to Minneapolis Star Tribune)

On Behalf of Our Farmers and Ranchers
(Submitted on June 30, 2009 to The Washington Post)

Setting the Record Straight on Farm Policy
(Submitted on June 16, 2009 to The New York Times)

In Support of Ethanol Producers
(Submitted on April 21, 2009 to The Wall Street Journal)

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