The Hand That Feeds U.S. Unveils Interactive Resource Tool Online
WASHINGTON (August 2, 2012)-The Hand That Feeds U.S. (THTFUS), an educational resource bridging the gap between the urban media and rural America, this week unveiled an interactive map featuring the contributions of each individual state, to the agriculture industry and U.S. economy. "Agriculture is a vital part of this nation's history, as well as its future," the group said. "Our farmers and ranchers produced $132 billion in exports alone in 2011, and are the life's blood of one of the few bright spots in our economy today."
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The Hand That Feeds U.S. Adds New Member
WASHINGTON (October 17, 2011)—The Hand That Feeds U.S. today announced that the country's crop insurers have become its newest coalition member. The National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) represents crop insurance companies from across the country and promotes the nation's public-private crop insurance program, which helps growers pick up the pieces following weather and market-related disasters.
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Former House Ag Committee Chairman: Strong Farm Coalition Needed for Farm Bill
VAIL, Colo.—With tight budgets on Capitol Hill and opponents of agriculture willing to spend millions to target the farm safety net, rural America must come together to fend off attacks in the 2012 Farm Bill and to speak up for production agriculture.
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The Hand That Feeds U.S. Announces Photo Contest Winners
Washington, DC (June 24)—Meet the winners of our Farm Foto Contest! Allison Boggs, Kimberly Crawford, and Kayla Ferris beat out more than 100 other farm photographers to take first, second, and third place, respectively, in the first-ever Hand That Feeds U.S. photo competition. We took some time to chat with each of them to find out the stories behind their winning photographs.
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The Hand That Feeds U.S. pays a visit to the West Coast for media tour
Washington, DC (April 23)—Last week, a group of farmers took time out from preparing for spring planting to discuss farm policy issues with agricultural reporters on the West Coast. The group visited Los Angeles and San Francisco to meet with reporters from the Los Angeles Times, NPR, MarketWatch, and Capital Press on behalf of The Hand That Feeds U.S.
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The Hand That Feeds U.S. to host farming photo contest
WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 15, 2010)—The Hand That Feeds U.S. (THTFUS), an educational resource for urban media on the importance of U.S. agriculture to the security and future of our country, is hosting a photo contest that will run from March 15 through June 4, 2010. The group is asking farmers across the United States to submit their best farming photos for consideration.
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Farmers Blow through the Windy City for Another
Successful Media Tour
CHICAGO (September 28, 2009)—A team of farmers last week took a break from their harvest planning to travel hundreds of miles to Chicago to meet with reporters from the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, and AgLetter on behalf of The Hand that Feeds U.S.
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The Hand that Feeds U.S. Puts a Face to the Farmer's Share
of Retail Food Prices
WASHINGTON (September 14, 2009)—The Hand that Feeds U.S. added an important feature to its website today that allows consumers to see the amount of money farmers and ranchers receive from everyday items they purchase in the grocery store, like cereal, bread, fruits, and vegetables.
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The Hand that Feeds U.S. Adds New Section to Give Credit where Credit is Due
WASHINGTON (August 25, 2009)—The Hand that Feeds U.S. has added a new section to its website where it will post letters to the editor that have been submitted to newspapers critical of farm policy, but not published.
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Farmer Media Outreach Effort Expands
WASHINGTON (August 4, 2009)—U.S. agriculture’s new media campaign, The Hand That Feeds U.S., is quickly gaining support in rural America by adding new member organizations at every turn, and the group today unveiled a new section on its website to make it easier for individuals to join.
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The Hand that Feeds U.S. Receives Outpouring of Support from Farm Community
WASHINGTON (June 24, 2009)—The Hand that Feeds U.S., a project aimed at educating urban media about the importance of U.S. agriculture, has received an enthusiastic welcome from the farming and ranching community it hopes to defend.
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Farmers Take Pro-Ag Message to the Big Apple
NEW YORK (May 26, 2009)—Members of The Hand That Feeds U.S. gathered in New York City last Thursday and Friday for face-to-face meetings with urban journalists, including reporters from the New York Times, CNN, FOX News and Marketplace radio.
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Farmers Hope to Grow Media Support with 'The Hand That Feeds U.S.' Project
WASHINGTON (May 11, 2009)—America's farmers are extending an olive branch to the same urban media that have often been critical of agriculture, and some powerful U.S. lawmakers asked the nation's reporters in a letter today to give them a chance.
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