Agriculture is a vital part of this nation's history, as well as its future. Our farmers and ranchers produced $132 billion in exports alone in 2011, and are the life's blood of one of the few bright spots in our economy today. Use our interactive map below to learn more about each state' s space contribution to this thriving economic engine.

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Spotlight on Idaho
It may have made a name for itself because of its mineral treasure, but before it was "the Gem State," it was home to one of the most famous people to ever live off American land. Its agricultural resources have served this country ever since President Jefferson sent two men named Lewis and Clark west to find something—anything—that the United States might be able to build an economy upon.
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Spotlight on California
1848 was a landmark year for the state of California. The discovery of gold brought thousands of settlers to its shores—causing a literal "gold rush" as the population exploded from 15,000 to 300,000 over the course of the next four years. Settlers came for valuable shiny pieces of metal, but once the land had been picked over and the riches had been claimed, the new Californians were blessed with another, and much more sustainable treasure.
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Spotlight on North Dakota
This state's motto is "Strength from the Soil." It appears on the coat of arms, as well as the governor's flag And for good reason. North Dakota literally draws its economic strength straight from the soil—almost 90 percent of which is dedicated to farming. Agriculture makes up about 32 percent of the state's economy. Even the major manufacturing and processing industry in the state is largely related to the manufacturing and processing of agricultural goods, making farming—directly and indirectly—almost half of the state's economy.
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Spotlight on Georgia
Tourists may go to Georgia to pick the peaches, but the state's agricultural production reaches far beyond those bountiful branches. Georgia ranks first in the country in production of peanuts, pecans, rye, eggs and broilers. In fact, Georgia produces almost half of the peanuts produced in the United States each year—an operation that valued more than $400 million in 2009 alone, much larger than the peach crop sales in the same year, which totaled $60 million.
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Spotlight on Michigan
While Michigan may be known for its lakes and its cars, its economy is fueled by ten million acres of land: farmland that is. Michigan can grow more than 200 products that contribute to the nation's food and fiber supply-making it the second most diverse agricultural state in the nation and a virtual America in miniature.
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Spotlight on Oklahoma
As the 46th state to join the Union, Oklahoma may have been a little late to the party, but when it arrived, it had plenty to offer. Aside from the strong winds and thunderstorms that Oklahoma is known for (thanks to a popular show tune), the state is blessed with a productive agricultural system, the likes of which is celebrated in that same musical number...
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Spotlight on Iowa
Located in the middle of the heartland, Iowa has developed a reputation for being everything that is quintessential America. It’s hard to believe it ever belonged to France. Thankfully, our founding fathers had the foresight to purchase the territory that would one day become a booming economic engine and top agricultural exporter.
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Spotlight on Maryland
Though not often thought of as a Mecca for farmers—as one of the original 13 colonies, Maryland and has always been a major player when it comes to agriculture and this country’s economy. In fact, agriculture is Maryland’s largest industry, supporting over 350,000 jobs and generating more than $2 billion in revenue.
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Spotlight on Minnesota
It may be the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but in Minnesota, agriculture reigns supreme. With 81,000 farms occupying about 26.9 million acres of farmland—almost half of the state—Minnesota leads the nation in the production of several commodities including sugar beets, turkeys, and oats, as well as sweet corn and green peas for processing.
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Spotlight on Nebraska
Nebraska is well-known for its high rate of agricultural production. The state leads the nation in per capita agricultural output, generating about $15 billion—five percent of the U.S. total—despite being the 13th least populous state with just over 1.8 million residents.
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