NCIS - 2011 Southwest Case Study
This video contains an overview of the catastrophic Texas drought in 2011 highlighting the extent of the damage throughout the state and the role crop insurance played in mitigating that damage.

America's Heartland - Miss America
Join Miss America 2011 and spokesperson for The Hand That Feeds U.S. Teresa Scanlan, and America's Heartland on the farm in Iowa, where they discuss the importance of American agriculture and what goes into maintaining a successful farming operation.

Imported Foods: A Lesson Learned

The Cost of Starting a Farm

Farm Foto Contest Video - Amazing Photos

Harvesting Sweet Energy

Harvest Series: Featuring Peanuts

Whole Foods Thanksgiving

Harvest Series: Featuring Cotton

Harvest Series: Featuring Sugarbeets

Harvest Series: Featuring Wheat

Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida

Larry Combest is featured on an episode of U.S. Farm Report discussing The Hand that Feeds U.S.
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Sen. Grassley exposes PR behind the "food crisis" (part 1)

Big Grocery Bills Meet Big Lobbying Dollars
It's not often that a United States Senator becomes so enraged with a trade association that he'll march to the Senate floor and rail on the group for more than half an hour.
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American Crystal Sugar Company

Sour Profits Lead to Farmer Ownership in Sugar Business
During the late 1800s, a wealthy investor named Henry Oxnard was busy cultivating America into an agricultural powerhouse. He's best known for his namesake Oxnard, Calif.
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Farmer Profile: Barry Evans

Lifestyles of the Not So Rich
Barry Evans is far from a rich corporate mogul, but gets called one nearly every day by the handful of zealots who seemingly want to return to the days of mule-drawn plows.
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